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How to Repartition Amazon Kindle Fire Storage Space Using FireParted

Amazon Kindle Fire is turning out to be a tough rival specially for already available Android tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer Prime. It is therefore, developers all around the world are giving so much attention to Kindle Fire and releasing various tools or utilities to enhance the capabilities of the tablet.

If you are one of the Kindle Fire owner then you must be knowing that it comes with 8GB of bydefault storage space out of which some of the space is allocated to the operating system, 1GB for installing Kindle Fire applications and between 5 to 6GB is allocated for multimedia files such as music or movies. But if you think that original partitioned is not according to your daily usage or requirement then there is a tool called FireParted available which let you change the size of partitions.

The tool allows you to give more space to applications which are stored in data partition and decrease the space allocated for sdcard. Similary you can have more space for storage in sdcard by decreasing the data and cache partitions. You can only play little with these partitions as there is no way you can add an additional SD card or other extra storage.

Finally if you have decided to change your partition size then download FireParted and install ADB and a custom recovery such as TWRP or ClockworkMod as prerequisites. Moreover, if you have any further queries regarding installation and setup procedure then visit Official XDA Thread.

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