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How to Re-Enable Your Library Folder In OS X Lion

OS X Lion has come up with many improvements and new features but at the same time Apple has also removed or hide away some old features. It includes the most important “library” folder which has disappeared in new OS X Lion. The reason to hide away this folder to stop users messing with the system. However, it is very clear that advanced users would not like not welcome this change and have already found out away to bring back this folder.

Here i am going to write the down the steps to reveal your library folder in OS X Lion

1-   Go to your home directory and you can notice that by default your “Library” folder doesn’t exist.

2-   Go to “Go” Menu right on the top of your screen and click “Go to folder”

3-   It will pop up window the “Library” folder path written on it. Copy the Path

4-   Open the “Terminal” window.

5-  Enter the following command on your “Terminal” window and press “Enter”

6-   Close the “Terminal” window and go back to your Home Directory. You will find “Library” in it.

7-   You can repeat the same procedure with your other hidden folders.


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