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How To Make TomTom Compatible with iPad, Fullscreen

All iPad users who have been using TomTom on their devices must be thinking why it has not been made compatible with the fantastic screen iPad satellite navigation applications. Here we are going to show you a workaround through you can set the app so that it works with iPad full screen.


Whats Needed

1-   First of all you need to have TomTom on your iPad device. If you have installed it yet then get it from here

2-   iFile in order to access various system folders.

3-   AppLinks (by which we facilitated links to the applications folder, usually named with very long series of numbers and letters).


1-   Came into AppLinks and run a tap on the update button which is located in the lower left of the display. 

2-   Go to this folder through iFile. Here you will find all your applications listed by name.

3-   Look for the dedicated folder for the application and go into TomTom . App, Such as you will find Europe.app but it depends on the type of maps you have installed on your iPad.

4-   Scroll down to find the file info.plist, Edit the file so the app in full screen turns.

5-   Open the file and scroll to the end. Find the words <key> UIDeviceFamily </ key>. Just below there will be other lines of code. What we are interested to do is change the number in the command immediately below.

6-   You will find it written <integer> 1 </ integer>. It must be modified so as to have <integer> 2 </ integer>.

7-   After running this step, save the changes, exit and restart the springboard. It will work

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