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How to Install Windows 8 on Mac OS X Using Virtual Machine

Recently Microsoft has released the beta version of its latest Windows 8 operating system not only for developers but for all users. Right after its long we showed you windows 8 download and installation procedure through USB drive. Things didn’t stop here, At the time time we gave a complete preview of Windows 8 Tablet including its comparison with Apple iPad running upcoming iOS operating system.

Today, we are going one step ahead and show you a simplest and quickest installation procedure of latest windows 8 operating system on Apple Mac OS X virtual machine in just 4 simple steps.


1-   First of all you need to Download Windows 8 Developers Preview which is available in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. However, it is recommended you choose 32-bit build as it takes only 2.9 GB space. The downloaded file will be saveed in .iso format and do remember its saved location.

2-   In this step you need to download VMware Function 4.0 as it will be required to run windows 8 on Mac OS X operating system. If you don’t have VMware Function 4.0, which was launched in last week, on your Mac then you can download it’s 30 days trail version from here. Once you download VMware Fuction 4.0, just install it straight away on Mac OS X. You can also try VMware on latest Mac OS X Lion as it is fully compatible with it.

3-   Now if you have downloaded both Window 8 Developers Preview and FMware Function 4.0 then the next step is to setup windows 8 virtual machine. Launch VMware Function and choose to create a new virtual machine. Click the ‘Continue without disc’, and then ‘Choose a disk or disk image’ which you have downloaded in step 1.

4-   In 4th and last step you are actually going to install Windows 8 on Mac OS X. Simple, go to Windows 8 Developer Preview .iso file and press the ‘Next’ button. In next window VMware will prompt you to select your operating system. You won’t find latest Windows 8 operating system, Therefore just choose previous Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.  Press the ‘Continue’ button and then complete it by pressing ‘Finish’ in the next window.

Right after you perform the right selection mentioned in above showed pictures, VMware Fusion sets up your Windows 8 partition. It will be completed depending upon the speed of your Mac system.

Via [CultofMac]

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