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How to Install Voice Search for Google Now on ICS Handset,from Jelly Bean



Google Now is an amazing application,that uses information about you’re whereabouts and routines,likes , dislikes  and hobbies to produce cards that give you related data.This new feature, that has been confirmed to be included in the Jelly Bean,Android 4.1 ,can now also be enjoyed on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich,however the voice searches might not be as quick and precise as on Jelly Bean because of the fact that the voice to text technology is different to the one used in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Disclaimer:koolmobile is not responsible for any damage to your handset,after modifying system files


        Follow the Instructions given below

  • Step 1: Open a root file explorer eg File Expert,and go to /system/app and look for the file named GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk and rename this file to GoogleQuickSearchBox.bak
  • Step 2: Open the link of the XDA thread given after Step 5,and Download Velvet-ThesOo-5.apk.
  • Step 3: Change the name of Velvet-ThesOo-5.apk to GoogleQuickSearch.apk
  • Step 4: Open  /system/app and place the renamed file from step 3 into it and Change the permissions to rw-r-r
  • Step 5: Reboot your handset

There are various other methods of installing Google Now as given in this link,


XDA Developers


  • Step 6:After you have installed the Google Now App, Open


Google Play


and Download the Voice Search given for Google Now

  • Step 7: Open the application and click the desired widget accompanied with the application,or hold down on the search button to start the voice search.
  • The voice to text engine in the Android 4.0 will enable it to get you’re answer.Just press enter and voice search will start working.

Google Now takes awhile to get information about you,your location and likes,dislikes so it won’t have cards immediately but it’ll take a bit of time,until then just use Google Search as you did before.

If you have any problems please click the link given after Step 5.



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