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How to Install Sense 3.5 on The HTC Hero Android 2.3.5

Some Android devices have been already upgraded to Sense 3.5 while others are planned to go Sense 3.5 in near future. We have already reported you about HTC Sense 3.5 port on Desire HD, Desire S and Desire Inspire devices. Today we have got some good news for HTC Hero users as they can now install or port Sense 3.5 on their devices . It was all started when an XDA developer named flashinglights found some internal detail of Sense software of upcoming device called HTC Pico which is going to be launched soon with pre-installed Sense 3.5 also known as Sense Zero for this particular device.

Due to having similar specs such as QVGA resolution and ARMv6 processor, a port for the CDMA Hero was successfully achieved (rather found in a Chinese forum). So, along with a few other devs at the Hero section, they decided to rebuild this rom from scratch and have released it for the masses.

Although this news has brought dead old devices such as HTC Hero to alive but off course this port is still at initial stage and has some issues which will be resolved at later stage.

Working List of Items

  • Pico HTC Nordic 1.03.402.1 Base
  • Calls
  • Messaging
  • GPS
  • Audio
  • Camera
  • Sensors
  • LED’s
  • HTC Task Killer app
  • Video Recording
  • HTC Hub, HTC Likes
  • Weather Animations
  • Correct carrier detection

List of Non Working Items

  • Bluetooth
  • Display incomplete market apps
  • Some market apps force close after download
  • browser force closes
  • USB mass storage is iffy.


1. Download and Run RUU and leave open on your computer.
2. Open Search bar by clicking on start menu of your computer and Type %TEMP%.
3. Search through the folders in there with the long names with numbers and letters, you’ll find a zip file named “rom.zip” in there.
4. Place the rom.zip in the original_update folder located in the “kitchen” directory
5. From there follow the steps on the kitchen menu to setup the rom.
6. Then proceed to porting to the hero. :]


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