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How to Install Appstore Premium Applications on Iphone4, 3GS and 3G


In this post i will explain you step by step, how to install premium applications on Iphone 4, 3GS and 3G.

To start with you need to have a Jailbroken iPhone i.e. Cydia is installed

1-      Open Cydia

2-      Go to Manage

3-      Go to Sources and Click on “Edit” button at top right corner

4-      Click on “Add” button, enter source “http://cydia.hackulo.us” as new repo and Press “Add Source” button

5-      Go to Search option, enter “installous” and select to install it

6-      Click on “Install” button at Top Right corner to download and install

7-      Open Installous

8-      Go to Search option, enter the application name e.g “camera+” and click the application found in the searched list(Highlighted in red colour)

9-      Press the download button and click the url e.g “filedude.com”

10-      Click on “OR JUST DOWNLOAD NORMALLY” highlighted in red colour

11-      Enter the exact string highlighted  in red colour and press “download” button

12-      Click the “Download” button

13-      Application will be downloaded and installed automatically


Please give us your feedback in order to make it better for you.

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  • Aamir

    But after installing from installous when u connect ur iphone to pc itunes automatically removes all apps installed through installous…….any solution 4 that

  • Asif Bokhari

    Perform following steps and let me know if problem still exists

    1- Open Installous
    2- Click on setting button at Top Right corner of installous home screen
    3- Turn “Itunes Sync” OFF
    4- Connect Iphone with PC and open Itunes application
    5- Go to “Apps” Tab and unTick “Sync Apps”
    6- Apply the changes and Press “Do not Sync” button on popup window.
    7- Close Itunes, Disconnect the cable.
    8- Reconnect your Iphone again and hopefully this time it will only sync contacts and all applications will remain installed on your Iphone.

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