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How to Install OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 on a Mac – Step by Step Guide

Following the excitement over the release of the new OS X Mountain Lion v10.8,this operating system is now available for users to try.Apple has integrated a wide array of features and also taken some features from the IOS and iPad and combined these as well into the new software,in a move initializing and aiming for a combined OS in the future.

The OS X Mountain Lion can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for $19.99,however before purchasing it you should make sure that the Mac you are about to install the whole new operating system on,meets the necessary requirements,if it doesn’t first you have to prepare the Mac then install the OS X Mountain Lion.

Compatibility of you’re Mac with OS X Mountain Lion

Installation of OS X mountain Lion requires a Mac model that can run the latest operating system.It is therefore essential to check whether you’re Mac model is one of the following before installing :

  1. iMac (mid 2007 or later model)
  2. MacBook(late 2008 aluminum model,early 2009 or later model)
  3. MacBook Pro(mid or late 2007 or later model)
  4. MacBook Air(Late 2008 or later model)
  5. MacMini(early 2009 or later model)
  6. MacPro(early 2008 or later model)
  7. Xserve(early 2009)

To confirm the machine type and year of your Mac simply by clicking on the Apple icon on the top left hand of the display screen,then go to About this Mac,and then go to More Info.

The version given should say 10.7.X.If it says 10.6.X or below then that means that the most recent version of Snow Leopard needs to be installed before going any further and installing Mountain Lion.To do this select the Apple icon,then go to Software Update to install the latest version of Snow Leopard(10.6.8).

Backup for the Mac

Backup for all you’re data is very necessary in case something goes wrong during installation and you need to restart the process,therefore after checking that both the hardware and software meet requirements first backup your Mac.

This can be done by either using the Apple Time Capsule,or backing up all the important data eg folders,files,photos,videos and music onto an external hard drive.

iCloud can also be used however it is only available on OS X Lion and some files are not supported by it.

How to Download and Install OS X Mountain Lion

After confirming that the Mac has the hardware and software requirements,the next step is to Download OS X Mountain Lion Package from the Mac App Store.

Firstly go to the Mac App Store,then by using the search box look for OS X Mountain Lion or follow this link.Select and Enter your Apple ID and Password(keep in mind this download will require a broadband and is a 4.5GB download) and Download this package.

After the download is complete,follow the instructions onscreen and thereby complete the installation.Now OS X Mountain Lion should be running.





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