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How to install Mac OSX Lion on Hackintosh PC using UniBeast bootable USB [Simple 8 Steps Tutorial]

If you are a Windows users on PC you might have wondered using Mac OSX Lion on your device but might have left it as a bad job after searching few instances on the internet carrying hefty procedures. Keeping same in view TonyMacX86 has come up with a simple procedure to install Mac OSX Lion onto your PC. In previous procedures you had to install the Snow Leopard which was alter updated to Mac OSX Lion however now TonyMacX86 has come up with all in one bootable Lion USB which makes things more easy with out the need of iBoot or Bootable Optical Drive.

Whats Needed


  1. Create bootable USB drive using UniBeast already downloaded. Goto Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility and select your USB drive on your Mac.
  2. Now goto Partition > Current and select 1 Partition. Then goto Options and select Master Boot Record.
  3. Change the Name to ‘USB’ and select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as your format. Once done click Apply followed by Partition.
  4. Run UniBeast and follow the steps till you reach destination
  5. When at Destination Select USB and then Continue.
  6. Select the package name either Laptop or other method you’ll be using to install and click Continue.
  7. Insert password and select Install.
  8. Now Boot from the USB flash drive and install.
Complete installation procedure will take appox 15 minutes to complete. However if you feel any problem simply visit link below to get further details.

Source tonymacx86

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