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How to install Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 on the HP TouchPad (Barely Functional)

For last few weeks DroidTeam was working on Android Port on HP TouchPad but yesterday they announced disbanding of the team. However a former TouchDroid member fnj001 had decided to release publicly the Android HP Touch Port work carried so far that is HP TouchPad users can install Android now with few impediments e.g. no Wifi capabilities, non programmed hardware buttons etc. However still Android is fully functional and allows you to perform almost all software related stuff.

When we talk about the TeamDroid being disbanded we should for forget that CynogenMod is also one of the most capable OS Modification group for Android and is fully capable of porting Android to HP TouchPad and has even demonstrated CynogenMod 7 running on HP TouchPad. Also it has been reported that they are pretty close to finalizing the port.


The installation procedure involves partitioning of HP TouchPad storage to create space for Android Installation, then copying the Android OS onto the space, Setting up file System and finally booting the HP TouchPad with Android. You can program few buttons which will be explained below e.g. Power button can be used as Home button. Follow the video walkthrough below to installed Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 on HP TouchPad

Note: Only Developers are recommended to try. We do not take any responsibility if it bricks your device. Non Developers and normal users should wait till the time CynogenMod 7 Port is ready for HP TouchPad.

Video credits RootzWiki via Liliputing

In case you feel any difficulty follow fnj001 Orignial Instructions and Please share your comments below on successful, unsuccessful or problem during Android Port.

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