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How to Install and Customize Cydia Premium Themes on iPhone 4, 3GS & 3G

In this post i will guide you step by step, how to install Premium Cydia Themes on your iPhone 4, 3GS & 3G so that your iphone looks even cooler…..
After completing below mentioned procedure you phone will look like

Cydia Revi-Krs Lock Background

Cydia Revi-Krs HomeScreen


To start with you need to have a Jailbroken iPhone i.e. Cydia is installed

Downloading and Installation

1-      Open Cydia

2-      Go to Manage.

3-      Go to Sources and Click on “Edit” button at top right corner

4-      Click on “Add” button, Input required source address and then Press “Add Source” button to add “cydia.xsellize.com” as new repo

5-      Go to Search option, input required theme name e.g “revi-krs” and choose revi-krs for iPhone 4 and revi-krs SD for iPhone 3GS/3G (blue one is paid so install the black one)

6-      Click on “Install” button at Top Right corner to download and install the theme

7-      Open “WinterBoard” application installed with revi-krs theme and Go to “Select Themes” for activating/applying the theme.

8-      Choose “revi-krs”  theme and press the iPhone “Home button” to automatically respring.

Custom Modifications

Live Lock BackGround Weather
By performing these steps your lock screen will start displaying current waether on your lock background (provided internet is active on iphone)

9-      Install “iFile” application through Cydia (same as point 5 & 6 above)

10-    Open “iFile” and click on “var” folder

11-     Go to /var/stash/Themes.y2mGgM/revi-krs SD.theme/setup

12-     Open Config.js file as “Text viewer”

13-     Search your city on “http://weather.yahoo.com” and copy the code highlighted

14-     Copy the code and insert it at highlighted place in Config.js.

Change LockBackground Picture
By performing these steps you can setup your picture to display on Lock Background and retain original background in home and call screen

15-     Apply your picture as lock background by going to Settings>Wallpaper> Select Picture from Camera Roll and Set as Lock Screen Background

16-      Goto /var/mobile/Library/SpringBoard/LockBackgroundThumbnail.jpg and copy/paste at same location with rename as LockBackgroundThumbnail99.jpg

17-     Open iFile and go to Go to “/var/stash/Themes.y2mGgM/revi-krs.theme” folder and open “LockBackground.html” as “Text Viewer”

18-     Replace “Lockbackgroundthumbnail.jpg” name with “Lockbackgroundthumbnail99.jpg”

19-      Open iFile and go to Go to “/var/stash/Themes.y2mGgM/revi-krs.theme” folder and open Wallpaper.png and click highlighted option below to copy it to Camera Roll. Then apply this wallpapers from Settings>Wallpaper> Select Picture from Camera Roll and Set as Lock Screen Background. This will apply Kevi-krs background for home and call screen.

20-       Open iFile and go to Go to “/var/stash/Themes.y2mGgM/revi-krs.theme” folder and delete Wallpaper.html

Live Clock and Weather Icon
By performing these steps you can see you home screen clock showing actual time and Weather Icon showing original weather

21-       Goto Cydia and search LiveClock, Lockscreen Clock Hide & WeatherIcon and install.

Enjoy the new outlook!

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