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How To Install Amazon App Store On Android Device [Tutorial]

Last month we reported that Amazon had launched it own AppStore for Android which will be providing same kind of services as Android Market and you might be one of them who want to see Amazon AppStore onto your Android device so here we are to provide you with complete tutorial. Amazon AppStore uses your Amazon.com user account for purchase of Android Applications and there are some exclusive Amazon Android applications as well along with thousands of other Applications.

As you are aware that Android Market is the official AppStore for Android therefore it treats all other AppStores are throid party “SideLoaders”. The term Sideloaders means that you can download the .apk file from the internet and get it installed onto your rooted Android device in the same manner the 3rd party AppStore installs the Applications using “Unknown Sources” option in Application Settings on Android Device. So here is the complete procedure to setup Amazon AppStore onto your Android device,

  1. Enable SideLoading by going to Settings > Applications and check ‘Unknown sources’ box which will allows third party applications to be installed on Android device. However there is a chance that this option is not available on your device which means that your Carrier has disabled the feature and you cant proceed ahead.
  2. Now fetch download link for Amazon AppStore from here and enter your email address or phone number so that the download link is send to your device.
  3. On receipt of download link for Amazon AssStore click and installed
  4. You are all done and now you can enjoy Free Daily Android Application from Amazon AppStore offer.
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