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How to Get WhatsApp on iPad2 and iPad1 With WhatsPad

You must be already aware that only iOS device WhatsApp been designed to work on is the iPhone, throwing the iPad and iPad 2 completely out in dark. Thankfully there’s WhatsPad, a jailbreak tweak that fools WhatsApp into running on 3G-capable iOS devices other than the iPhone.

iOS devices running With WhatsPad other than the iPhone is quite easy to install. Moreover, we don’t find any reason for iPad access to be blocked in the first place. It’s pertinent to mention here that this will not work on the iPod touch or the Wi-Fi iPad as neither of those devices support 3G connections. This tweak won’t modify WhatsApp in order to make communication across Wi-Fi possible. It will simply remove the artificial restriction that stops it from launching on the 3G-capable iPad or iPad 2.

Here i am going to write the down the steps to install it.

1-    Go to apptrackr from your computer/laptop, search and enter “WhatsApp”. Click on highlighted link at the bottom to download it.

2-    Input the required text and click on download button highlighted in red color to download it on your computer/laptop

3-   Click on download button to start the downloading on your computer/laptop

4-   Copy the “WhatsApp.Ipa”downloaded file from your computer/latop to your iPad Installous download folder using DiskAid for PC

5-   Open “Installous” and click on “Download” button to see “WhatsApp” application in the list.

6-   Click on the “WhatsApp” application in previous step and Press the “Install” button.

7-    Once the installed is finished you will see WhatsApp icon on Home Screen but it will not work by default if you try to run it as shown in picture.


8-   After WhatsApp installation on your iPad, open up Cydia and install WhatsPad tweak from the BigBoss repository. It will likely be a small, effortless installation from Cydia which is expected to take no more than a couple of seconds.

Note: This tutorial is for trial purposes therefore please purchase the premium themes if you like them.

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