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How to Fix iPhone 4S Network Issue

Since the launch of iPhone 4S, users from all over the world have been reporting various kind of issues. Yesterday we reported you about user facing network connectivity issues with Siri Assistant feature along with the solution to resolve this problem. Today news has come from Germany where users are facing network problems while using iPhone 4S.

Moreover, it has been observed that effected users are those who were already using activated micro-SIM card with enabled PIN protection feature for iPhone 4 and then insert the same SIM card into iPhone 4S after upgradation. This issue has nothing to do with SIM Card nor with the carrier. However,  T-Mobile has already got a temporary solution to their users till the Apple release a small fix in the form of iOS 5 update.

How to disable the PIN code request of micro-SIM used in iPhone 4S

1-   Go to settings>Phone

2-   Click on “SIM PIN” option.

3-   Move the slider to off (0)

4-   Enter your four-digit PIN and confirm by pressing “Done” at the top.

5-   Once you are done with step 4, you will see that PIN code request is turned off for your Micro-SIM.

6-   If you are already effected with this problem then Just do it now into your new iPhone 4S.

You can also check out the T-Mobile version of pdf file from here

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