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How to Enable Internet Tethering On Samsung Omnia 7 & Focus Using One Click[Tutorial]

We have already reviewed TetherMe 2.2 and MyWi Wifi Internet Tethering applications for iOS devices which allow users to set their devices as personal Hotspot without doing much efforts. Moreover, we also reported you a procedure to enable WiFi Hotspot on Samsung  Omnia 7 or Samsung Focus WP 7 devices. Now we have just come across another procedure which is rather simple as compared to previous one and enable internet tethering on Samsung  Omnia 7 or Samsung Windows Phone 7 handsets. Just follow the below mentioned step by step guide:


1-    Open ChevronWP7 Labs website and log on with a Windows Live account.

2-  Purchase ChevronWP7 unlock tool/One token for your device at a price tag of $9. Same token can also be reused to unlock the same phone whereas it won’t work for other phones. Payments can be made through PayPal or a supported credit card.

3-    Download and install ChevronWP7 unlock tool depending upon the type(32-Bit, 64-Bit) of operating system you have installed.

4-   Launch ChevronWP7 unlock tool and use simple on-screen instructions to get the process completed successfully.

5-   Once your purchased token is authenticated from the ChevronWP7 team, your device will be unlocked successfully.

6–   Now you will next need to use the Application Deployment Tool in order to send the following file(Download) through to your device.

7–   Now you need to install the Diagnosis app by typing ##634#.

8-   Once you find Diagnosis app running, tap *#9908# and select for ‘System Tweaks’

9–   Press Save, then Close and finally Restart your device

Thats it!!!! Now you should be able to use internet sharing and tethering.

Source [MobileTechWorld]

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