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How to Enable AllShare DLNA on Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus

DLNA feature for sharing music and videos over the air was recently offered by Samsung to Windows Phone users. But unfortunately it does not work on some Samsung devices and return an error if you try to use the service and users were left deprived of a powerful media sharing facility. Now after putting lots of efforts by Mon Windows Phone team, a workaround has been found for Samsung Omnia7 handset which enables AllShare DLNA service on Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus phones.

In order to the enable the service, Just follow the below mentioned step by step guide :


  1. Download Samsung’s AllShare app from Windows Phone Marketplace.
  2. Press the Home Button before the error message appears on your phone screen. In case if it appears before pressing the Home button then retry until you gets it right.
  3. Now relaunch the application through Windows Phone multi-tasking feature which can be accessed by holding “back” button of your handset.
  4. You just get inside the app by ignoring the error message.
  5. Finally all it requires to connect is to define your destination devices such as hardware such as computer, media devices or your TV.

Moroever WMPoweruser has also provided the video demonstration of above mentioned workaround which 100% success in enabling DLNA service

Recently we  also reported you about a work around for enabling WiFi Hotspot on Windows Phone Omnia 7 and Focus  handsets. However, if you are a Windows Phone owner and still waiting to get a taste of recently launch Mango update then just follow this procedure to install it forcefully on your Windows Phone device.

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