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How to Download and Install Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Released for Nexus S

We had reported last month that Nexus S has been spotted running IceCream Sandwich in a leaked video and later on after the official announcement of IceCream Sandwich and Samsung Galaxy Nexus things became more clear that which all devices can support the latest Android OS as the SDK was also released for the developers. And now we see that Nexus S which was originally shipped with Gingerbread has embraced IceCream Sandwich ROM. Although you might note that this is an unofficial port to the Nexus S however there are not major bugs in Android IceCream Sandwich port. Even though there are some minor NFC Transceiver, Camera and 3G Radio issues but they are not that severe which can stop you from upgrading to IceCream Sandwich. Moreover the IceCream Sandwich port is not based on final release of IceCream Sandwich rather it users an earlier version of the the OS therefore not all features are present in the ported ROM.



All you need to do is Root using Flash this file in CWM and download the ROM from here.

Source XDA-Developers

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