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How To Customize OS X Lion Finder Sidebar

Apple’s recently launched OS X Lion operating system has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time span. We have been consistently keeping you up to date about all new features came with it. Today we are going to share about customization of OS X Lion Find Sidebar. It is going to be helpful specially to those users who are new or just have switched from PC to Mac.

When you look at the default setting/configuration of OS X Lion Finder Sidebar, you will notice that it misses many useful things which you would want to add in Finder Sidebar. Basically Apple hides some of them by defaults in the Finder sidebar but not all of them in favorites, shared items, and devices. However, you can customize your OS X Lion Sidebar in order to use any of these to navigate around the file system on your Mac. More you have turned on, the more you can see on your Sidebar. You can also turn all of them all on if you don’t don’t wan to miss anything.

Open Finder Preferences, go to Sidebar Tab and choose items which will appear in your Finder sidebar every time when you open a new Finder window. All you need to do is Tick the the items that you would like to see and uncheck the items that you wouldn’t want to see.

So the next time when you open a Finder window you will notice all those items are included which you have checked in Sidebar preferences.

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