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How To Create An OS X Lion Recovery/Installation External Drive

Good news for those who can’t use the  web-based recovery tool available for OS X Lion operating system. Apple has now released a new application for Mac OS Lion through which users can create their own OS X Lion recovery/installation external drives. Recovery/Installation external drive provides following main salient features:-

1-   It allows you to completely re-install OS X Lion

2-   It also enables you to repair your disk using Disk Utility.

3-   You can also restore from a Time Machine backup or browse the web with Safari.

All you need to start with is to setup a recovery HD  to create this new drive. Here are the instruction straight from Apple:


It is very important mention here that Lion Recovery Disk Assistant will delete all your existing data on the external drive as soon as you start creating the Recovery HD. Therefore it is strongly suggested that you should either take a backup of your existing data before starting the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, or create a seperate partition on the external drive only for this purpose.

However, if you have decided to create a partition then follow the following procedure:-

  • Run Disk Utility which can be found in the Utilities folder in Launchpad.
  • Select the drive on which you want to install the Recovery HD and add a partition. It is important to mention here that make sure your partition should be at least 1 GB in size.
  • Click on options and make sure you have selected GUID Partition Table.
  • Make sure the format you choose for the partition should be Mac OS Extended.
  • Click Apply.

Once you are able to create a separate partition then open Lion Recovery Disk Assistant and follow the on screen instructions to create a Recovery HD on the external drive.

When the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant completes , you will not be able to see the new partition in the Finder or Disk Utility. However, if you want to access the external Recovery HD, you need to connect the drive, then restart the computer and hold the Option key. Select Recovery HD from the Startup Manager.

If you want to try it then click here to download  it.

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