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How to configure Custom Vibrations in iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Tutorial]

One of the feature introduced in iOS 5 is the ability to set Custom Vibrations on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for incoming Calls, Messages and Alerts. There are five pre-defined custom vibrations Alert, HeartBeat, Rapid, S.O.S and Symphony however you have the option to create custom vibrations as well. In the guide below we will be telling you how to create custom vibrations in iOS 5.In order to activate custom vibration you can enable it by accessing the Settings Menu then General and Accessibility to turn on the Custom Vibrations Menu as shown in the snap below,

Now you can configure the Custom Vibration by accessing the Settings Menu then Sounds and Custom Vibrations Menu where you can see the default custom vibrations and an option to define your own by pressing the Create new Vibration.

The interface for creation of vibration features simple taps which will be recorded as vibrations and based on these taps the settings can be saved which can be used later as vibrations. The bar below the tap area displays the vibration notes which will be played once the vibration is selected. Dark spots are the vibrations where as light spots are spaces. Also a noticeable low level vibration gives you the feel that the tap has been recorded. When you are done you can play the vibration which has been recorded.

With this custom vibration feature you can customize the vibrations to suite your moods with either low or hard vibes. We will keep you updated regarding the latest developments so follow us on twitter and facebook to get updates on Apple, Android, Symbian, Gadgets & News.

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