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Coming Soon: You Can Avoid Entering iTunes Password Again and Again

Good news for those who are you already tired of entering iTune password again and again on downloading new applications or update iOS  Device. A new Jailbreak Tweak will make sure that you don’t need to enter it over and over again.

Basically the main function of this jailbreak tweak will be to store your iTune password so that you don’t have to enter it many times while downloading apps on your iOS device. The name of this Tweak has not been decided yet. However as soon as it is available on Cydia we will let you know.

There is no doubt that it will save alot of your time however it security implication must be an important consideration before you download and install it because in case your iDevice gets stolen or ends up in wrong hands then it can be seriously misused. Therefore its best to use such kind of Tweak with passcode protection enabled on your iDevice.

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