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How to activate Universal Clipboard on iOS 10 and macOS Sierra supported Apple devices

universal-clipboardThose Apple Users who have upgraded their Apple devices to either iOS 10 or masOS Sierra will have noted the much talked about Universal Clipboard feature , of which details are available on the macOS Sierra page created by Apple. By making use of the iCloud feature , the Universal Clipboard features allows users to transfer via copying data from one device for example from your iPad or iPhone and paste it within a document on your Mac Laptop and the other way round as well.

This feature is not readily available as soon as you download the iOS 10 or macOS Sierra and you are required to follow the procedure given below to activate this feature on your devices.

Procedure to activate Universal Clipboard on your device

  1. You will be required to be using a MacBook or iMac that has macOS Sierra already installed .An iPhone or iPad that has iOS 10 already installed.
  2. Make sure that the Handoff function is enabled on your iOS 10 device ,this can be done by going to Settings, then General and then Handoff. In addition to that switch the toggle to On
  3. handsoffThe Clipboard requires Bluetooth, therefore the Bluetooth option should be On , this can be done on your iPad or iPhone by going to Settings.app.
  4. To activate the Handoff on your Mac , go to System Preferences, then General. Going down the options choose the Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices. , choose this box. In addition to this check that you have enabled Bluetooth, which can be done by going to the Mac Menu bar.mac-handoff
  5. After completing the configuration of settings required on both the devices that you ill be using all you need to do now is copy from one device and paste in the other.
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