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How Much Data Consumes While Using Siri Voice Assistant Feature?

Siri Assistant feature has become one of the main reason for selling record breaking 4 million iPhone 4S during first weekend of its launch. Although feature has brought a lot of attraction for the iPhone users but there is something that you must need to know while using it. You might have already noticed that Siri requires an internet connection because all the question that it answers basically retrieve from iCloud service which was launched recently in Apple Let’s talk iPhone event. Now the big question that should pop up in your mind how much data it will consume to answer all your questions afterall you have to pay for it.

In order to help you out,  Ars Technica has conducted series of tests in order to find out how much data it consumes as soon as you start using it. These test includes looking up information from Wolfram Alfa and other online sources along with few common local tasks such as dictation and setting up alarms and reminders.

Results turned out to be totally according to the type of information your are asking from Siri. Results shows that Siri doesn’t really consume  large amount of data so you should not be too much concerned about losing your data allowance. The detail summary of conducted test is as follows:

If you own an iPhone 4S and perform all 11 of these same queries every single day for a month over your carrier’s 3G connection, you can expect to use roughly 20MB or so in a 30-day month. If you use Siri 2-3 times per day at an average of 63KB per instance, you might expect to use 126KB to 189KB per day, or 3.7 to 5.5MB per month. For 4-6 times a day, that might come out to 252KB to 378KB per day, or 7.4 to 11MB per month. If you use it 10-15 times per day, you might end up using 630KB to 945KB per day, or 18.5 to 27.7MB per month.

We strongly suggest you to use Siri when you are near to WiFi network which make it totally free of cost but at the same time you need to keep a close eye as soon as you switched over to 3G or higher network.

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