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How Install OS X Lion 10.7.2 On Samsung Series 7 Slate [Tutorial]

Good news has come for Samsung Series 7 Slate owners as they can now run Apple’s latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 operating system on their devices. Well, credit goes to a developer named tonymacx86 who has been pretty much successful in bringing Mac OS X port on Samsung Series 7 tablets termed it as HacPro Touch. However, port is still in development stage and plenty of work is still to be done. Before we jump over the procedure, it is pertinent to mention here that steps involves during the procedure required basic knowledge of computer related stuff and Koolmobile won’t be responsibile in case it cause any data loss or failure.

Whats Needed

1-   A copy of OS X Lion 10.7.2 operating system software along with UniBeast utility which can be download from here

Note: You may require an account at tonymacx86.com in order to get the downloading link working.

2-   Now you need to create the USB Key whose procedure can be obtained from here.

3-   mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable

4-   USB Keyboard

5-   USB Mouse

6-   You also require a TV as an external monitor with support of HDMI port


1-   Connect your Samsung Slate to a TV with help of mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable

2-   Hold down the windows home button and press the power button to boot into the BIOS Settings

3-   Make following changes in each of the four tabs being showed on the screen:

1-   BIOS: SysInfo requires no change

2-   BIOS: Advanced>
       CPU Power Saving Mode [Enabled]
       Hyperthreading [Enabled]
       EBD (Execute Disable Bit) [Enabled]
       Legacy USB Support [Enabled]

      UEFI Boot Support [Enabled]
      AHCI Mode Control [Manual]
      set AHCI Mode [Enabled]

      USB S3 Wake-up [Enabled]

3-  BIOS: Boot>
      Set Boot Priority
      1.USB KEY

4-  Save and Restart. 

4-   Hit the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard as soon as you see iBoot load up and show USB

5–   Now you need to Partition the internal SSD to Mac OS Extended by using Disk Utility. Choose GUID Partition Table option.

6–   Install Lion which will take will take about 15-20min and then restart.

7–   You should be able to see Lion Now in iBoot, Hit the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard

8–   In order to get Audio working run MultiBeast and Select “Drivers & Bootloaders > Audio > Universal > VoodooHDA” option.

9–   Shut down

10- Switch it back up and iBoot will go in to LION.

You can also checkout the detailed video of OS X Lion port on Samsung Series 7 Slate.

Whats Works

Bluetooth: OOB, connects to Apple keyboard and Trackpad and works like a charm.
Sound: VoodooHDA kind of works. I think the tablet has ALC267 or ALC269. I can hear volume and played sound ok, but as soon as I go in to the settings and look at the input options it locks up sound. 
Touch-screen and Wacom pen: are both recognized OOB. 

What Doesn’t Work

1)I can’t get the Bootloader from MultiBeast to boot the tablet. It will Panic at start up.

2)Wifi does not get recognized as it uses a chipset that i think everyone is having problems with. I tried the Drivers at iwidarwin http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ and the O80211Family.kext. No luck. 

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