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Hotmail Service gets huge boost after iOS 5 integration for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iOS 5 eMail account configurations include Hotmail (Windows Live) as one of the default options which came as blessing in disguise for Microsoft as the email service gets huge boost in usability of its email service. iOS 5 integration has not only made the configurations earless for those who want to sync their Hotmail accounts on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but also increased the rate of new signups. Recently Microsoft’s Chris Jones has announced that more the 2 Million iOS 5 users have already connected to Hotmail using iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and there are over 100,000 activations per day.

As per details majority are the iPhone users including more than 60% iPhone 4 users and 25% iPhone 4S users. With the launch of iPhone 4S and iOS 5 Microsoft has been blessed with huge chunk of subscriptions and usage though iOS 5 devices. Where as the rival Google with its Gmail service is struggling hard after the launch of Gmail for iOS Application which has immediately taken down due to bugs. Although Gmail account integration into iOS existing since iOS 3.x but still having own customized application in iTunes definitely make integration more tighter.

Source Microsoft

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