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Hidden Panorama Mode Discovered in iOS 5

iOS hackers have been working day and night to discover out all those features which are hidden and requires Jailbreak tweak to enable them. The most recent example that we have just come to know that is iOS 5 Panorama Mode which has been finally revealed by hackers in Apple’s latest iOS 5.

The popular hacker Conrad Kramer (@conradev) identified the procedure to activate the hidden panorama mode within the original Camera app whereas jailbreaker Grant Paul (@chpwn) has put everything together in the form of package and developed a jailbreak tweak called “Firebreak” in order to make it easy for the users.

Moreover, the the jailbreak tweak “Firebreak” is expected to be available for download from Cydia by tomorrow.  In order to start using the feature, all you will be required to do is to turn on the panorama mode by clicking the panorama button available in the camera options menu.  Th picture shows the user interface shows which will be used to capture individual pictures from left to right and software will merge them together.

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