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HeadFinder – Todo Task Manager, Appointment Scheduler, Never Forget things to be done for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Do you find remembering tasks and appointments then Headfinder brings an intuitive and artificial intelligence enabled reminding which seamlessly integrate itself with the calender application to remind you before something important has to done. There are things are need to be remembered once in a year, month or week but collecting them together is a bit tricky using the default calender application and then with simple interface makes more boring. You can enter stuff in three simple taps and once entered the application will keep monitoring your habits which be used for later functions/reminders.


AppStore detailed description of HeadFinder,

You know you’ll never forget it. That thing you were asked to do? But, by the way, do you remember exactly when it was? Was it yesterday? The day before…or last week? But that’s not important anymore.

What is important is that you will never have to forget anything ever again! From now on the stuff you’ve always wanted to get done will finally start happening! Why? Because our new app, a specially designed artificial intelligence, will remind you! 

Now it can reside in your iPhone! There is only one problem. Our app is as simple as three taps and as easy to understand as the page on a calendar. This ingeniously simple app is called HeadFinder, for those who, ehhh, loose there heads! Our app will help you keep your head on, and keep all those appointments, meetings and errands organized. 

The most important thing is to want to be more organized! HeadFinder turns your wishes into your commands! With three simple taps, you’re appointments and errands (maybe a date) are scheduled in HeadFinder, and the job is as good as done! If there has been a change of plans, one simple tap and, walla, your day is back on schedule. 

The HeadFinder interface, like its functions, is simple and intuitively understandable. It’s appearance will remind you of a page on a calendar, which you can quickly and easily make notes on. Three simple motions, like using a pen in a paper day planner. It takes no time at all!

And like any artificial intelligence, HeadFinder will grow and develop with use, adapting to your habits and needs with every passing minute. It may be possible to make HeadFinder even simpler and better, so send us your impressions of HeadFinder’s work and suggestions for improvement! Together we can make the ideal time management app better!

HeadFinder, made to help you keep your head! It will help you remember all those important events, keep your schedule on schedule, and all this with three simple taps. Three simple taps.

Source AppStore

You can install HeadFinder 1.0 by following the procedure here for trial but please buy from AppStore for 0.99US$ it if your like it.

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