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Hackers Demonstrated Controlling Siri Through Their minds

There is has been a lot of buzz Since Apple launched Siri Voice Assistant service along with many other features in their latest iPhone 4S model. If you are a regular follower of Koolmobile then must be knowing that efforts are already in place to release the port of Siri Assistant feature in old devices as demonstration has provided by hackers showing its successful port on iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS devices. However, Apple has already denied launching Siri feature on older devices probably due not special type of iPhone 4S proximity sensor which is not available in older devices.


Hackers at projectblackmirror blogare currently working on an interesting project Project Black Mirror in which they have demonstrated how Siri can read our minds and perform action accordingly. Video shows a user wearing an ECG Pads on his forehand which takes care of analog brain waves and pass it on to board connected with the iPhone 4S. The board itself  programmed to recognize Siri commands such as call, reminder etc coming from from the ECG pads and trasnfer them to a chip which act as a voice synthesizer. Finally those commands are then trasfer to Siri through iPhone’s microphone jack which let Siri to initiate your call.

If we summerize it,  an iPhone 4S has been setup in connection with MacBook Pro, hackers have activated the Siri through Home button and made call by only thinking about who they want to call. Demo looks great but no doubt it has a lot of potential and certainly will take some time to make it more practical.

Via [theverge]

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