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GreenPois0n iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4S, 4 and iPad 2 In Progress

Everyone is interested to see the new iOS Jailbroken and that too untethered on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as well as iPhone 4 running on iOS 4.3.4 and above. Although no one has got concrete information as when this will happen but a recent tweet by GreenPois0n says it all that the new Jailbreak work is in progress and he has got enough donations to make the Jailbreak work. The tweet came from no one else than P0sixninja, developer behind the GreenPois0n untethered Jailbreak for iOS 3 & iOS 4 which was used in Limera1n. According to the developer tweet,

Sorry for being quiet. I’ve been in Atlanta visiting my family. Should have enough for iPhone4s now, thanks to all the donations!!

It is expected that the untethered Jailbreak will be released in November as still the Jailbreak is in the early stages. The Jailbreak has become a bit tricky due to the addition of new A5 processor chips and the developers are working hard to find some hardware exploits with no success so far therefore work on software exploits is in progress. It is explected that we will hear from P0sixninja soon on the update of GreenPois0n iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak. However in the mean time if you have already upgraded on iOS 5 on your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 you can use the Redsn0w Semi tethered iOS 5 Jailbreak.

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