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Google Wallet, NFC-Based Payment System, Launching Today[Report]

Google had revealed their plans back in May about the possible launching of Google Wallet, an NFC-Based Payment system. They also stated that required test trials for Wallet service would start immediately whereas official launch would be expected in summer. A video demonstration of Google Wallet has also been posted last week by Google  featuring George Costanza. Right after the the recent video demonstration Techcrunch has just released an image of internal documentation which shows clear signs of an official launch of Wallet service for today, September 19.

Google knows as this is the best time to launch such NFC-Based service as NFC World Congress is going to start from tomorrow in the French Riviera. Although Google is not going to participate in the conference but MasterCard being an official sponsor will fill the gap.

Due to limited number of compatible devices available in the market, it is expected that the overall response of the product would be rather slow. Currently Nexus S 4G is the only compatible phone which is only available on Sprint in the U.S. Moreover, hardware on the merchant end will also be required to enable payments but at the moment only MasterCard is the only official partner on the credit card side who supports this service.


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