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Google Plus Photo Importer – Import Photo Albums from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Photo Bucket and Photo Gallery on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

It has not been a long time since Google+ was launched however the Google+ broke all the records to reach 20 million users in few weeks which other social networks took years to reach. There’s a flood of Applications and Services which are integrating Google+ and now we review this remarkable Application Google Plus Photo Importer which allows you to import your PhotoAlbums from other famous social networking as well as Web Photo Sharing websites including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc to Google+. Most of us have created Google+ account however one of the reason that its not fully active is that the Photo Albums you have already shared can not be imported and rest is all of your friends leave joining and start adding you into Circles.

Google Plus Photo Importer not only allows you to import your PhotoAlbums from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram etc to Google+ but it also provides you the ability to upload photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s Photo Album to be uploaded in separate Albums on Google+. Google Plus Photo Importer is built on Cloud to Cloud technology which allows super fast shifting of Photos from one social network to another in blink of an eye.


Some of the major features provided by Google Plus Photo Importer as per AppStore are,

  • Access your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Photobucket photo albums.
  • Copy 100 photos in less than a minute.
  • Built on Cloud to Cloud technology: Easily import dozens of photos in seconds.
  • Does not affect bandwidth or data usage “Cloud based transfers”.
  • Select multiple or all photos in your albums – transfer with a single tap.
  • Imports your photo’s Metadata – Titles, Descriptions.
  • Save a lot of time and hassle.
Sneak Preview Google Plus Photo Importer in action,


You can install Google Plus Photo Importer by following the procedure here for trial but please buy it from Appstore links above for 0.99US$ if your like it.

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