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Google Planning to launch its own Cellular Service as MVNO [Report]

Out of no where Google SIM has been spotted which depicts the worlds largest Search Engnie Company is planning to start its own Cellular Service as reported by XatakAndroid. It seems like Google is planning to act as Mobile Virtual Network Operator meaning Google will be using services of other Mobile Networks however the top layer services will be managed by Google itself which may include Value Added Services. Although keeping in view the size of Google, it can easily manage to launch its own network however in these days the focus is more on value addition therefore it seems pretty obvious from leaked images that Google would like to operate as MVNO.

The leaked image suggests that the card belongs to Spain and purportedly under test and trial with Google engineers in Spain. Moreover when the SIM is inserted it shows Google_ES as the operator Name. So we are not sure that what Google is cooking!

Reportedly Google is planning for MVNO by supporting services from Google using the local Cellular Network for switching services. If the SIM image above is legitimate it raises a new bunch of questions at what Google is planning. However if Google is planning to launch it services the further integration with Google Services the end product will be quite fascinating resulting into seamless integration of Google Voice services with the local network. Purportedly Google will be bundling the Cellular Service with its range of Google Nexus Smartphone as shown in image below,

Source: Xatak Android

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