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Google Mobile App Search Activates Apple’s Siri-based voice Assistant on iPhone Put to Ear Motion

There has been lot of activity going on for the incoming iOS 5 which is still under Betas and already seven revisions has been released for developers. iOS 5 will carry lot of new features some of the most important feature are Notification System, iCloud Integration and Naunce Speech to Text Engine. However recently folks at 9to5Mac have revealed that the Google Mobile Application search will be activated in Google Style in coming iOS 5.

In the demonstration video below the Google Guy moves the iPhone towards the ear like normal phone call and the search is activated (iPhone beeps), then is the time to speak what your want to search and within few seconds it shows the relevant search results. It is pretty much obvious from this video that Google Mobile App utilizes the built-in Accelerometer to activate voice search. The functionality doesn’t end here, the results displayed are location based e.g. if you search weather in California it will display the weather of California, which is achieved using the built-in GPS.

Although the current activation method of Google Mobile App search is by pressing home button for few seconds for voice controls which can be downloaded from AppStore. Look at the video below to see Google Mobile App Voice Activation,

via 9to5Mac

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