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Google Launches GoMo To Help Developers Test their Websites Mobility & Businesses Go Mobile

Google is launching a new web service named GoMo which will target Developers test their Websites compatibility over mobile browser as well as businesses go mobile. Today Google is planning to launch GoMo for public release allowing all of you to test your website for mobile compatibility. You can goto GoMo and add your website URL for free suggestions and recommendations for optimizing your website for mobile usage. GoMo will also feature some example website which are best optimized for mobile usage as reference.

Google also provides mobility details in Site Builder Webmaster tools however GoMo is marketing effort to promote mobile business in place of conventional desktop oriented stuff. Also Google might be interested in shutting its desktop based customers to mobile business not only because it provides greater mobility but also Google offers Android smartphones. However keeping in view the small screen size for mobile it is necessarily not possible that most of the users prefer shifting to mobile web rather than conventional desktop business.

See GoMo promotion in action,

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