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Google Launches Business Pages on Google+, Add Koolmobile to your Circles Google+ Networks

Since the launch of Google+ one of the major missing part was the facility to create pages which was also present in Facebook since long. So here it goes Google+ launches its version of Pages announced via official Google blog therefore companies, groups, people having common interests,celebrities can have their own public gathering over Google+ social network. Interestingly these pages are not only limited to sharing stuff but they also support Hangouts with all your fans. So why should we keep waiting hand here comes the Koolmobile Fan Page on Google+ so you can simply add us in your Circles to keep updated about the latest news.

As Google+ pages have just started to roll out there very few pages which are available as now but as the time passes these numbers will increase. So we are anxiously waiting to see Apple, Android Community, NFL, Metallica to see over Google+ and arrange hangouts.

Here is the sneak preview of what Google+ Pages have to offer,

Join Koolmobile Fan Page on Google+ by adding us to your Circles.

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