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Google+ iOS App Updated to Support Resharing of Posts version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Google has released a new version of Google+ App version with  introcduction of Resharing of Posts within the Stream. Re sharing is pretty simple all you have to do is tap on a post (press +1  on it). At the bottom along the comment area you will notice a small arrow you have to click it and option to “Share this post” will appear. Just select audience and add comment if you want and tap “Post”. You are done. The new update also fixes a number of annoyances and bugs along with few new settings.


Release notes for Google+ Update,

September 6, 2011

  • Reshare support
  • Set your profile photo
  • Improved autocomplete in Huddle
  • Properly refresh notifications when returning to the app
  • Create new circle from Circles destination
  • Fixed 2-step verification issues

Moreover, Google has combined your notifications so now each +1, comment and circle addition would not be separated into its own notification and grouped together by type. In addition to that, it has also added a few more settings like you can pick yourstream view or choose who can add you to a huddle. Therefore, if you were already fed up of by the app’s annoyances then you should definitely want to grab the new update at the earliest and give it another try.

You can download the new update from here

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