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Google Chrome on Android Soon to be Launched

Combination of companies own mobile operating system with native internet browser seems to be pretty much working and being adopted in recent days. Yesterday, we reported you about Apple iOS comes with pre-loaded powerful safari browser has gained a lot of popularity across the world and achieved  5% browser share on all of the world’s desktop and laptop computers. Moreover, in case of mobile web browsing Apple’s safari is possibly the best  browsers available for other  operating system Android, Symbian etc.

Now i am sure you would be think why Google is not following Apple when they are already offering powerful Chrome internet browser for Computer and laptops. Although both projects are currently being handled by separate teams but we it would become a reality.  It seems Google has already tested it partially which means actual Chrome browser for Android and may be launched with upcoming Nexus Prime having Google’s latest Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or 2.4 mobile operating system. Even if that doesn’t happen that you would still see it Google’s upcoming events.

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