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Google+ Application Launched for iPhone

Google has launched its official Google+ Social Networking Application for iPhone. Google+ iPhone application is a step to dominate Social Networking world and in order to compete with Facebook. This application was launched for Android couple of weeks ago on the same event when Google+ Project was opened for limited public, on the same lines now Apple iOS users can also take benefit of almost all the features of Google+ right from their Apple Devices.

Google Plus includes,

  • +Stream
    Google+ Stream is same as desktop version which displays the recent posts/activity by your friends. Stream includes the images,videos,links and media contents shared by your friends, following etc. You also have the ability of +1 same as Facebook like button right at the top of the post viewed.
  • +Circles
    Google+ Circle feature allows you to group you friends into separate categories depending upon your relationships, acquaintances, following etc. You can use these Circles for sharing different contents with different viewing and sharing settings. For example there is some picture of yours which you want to share with your family members only and you have a circle named Family so at the time of sharing the picture you can select Family in the list of people who can see this rest of your friends or public wont be able to see this.
  • +Huddles
    Google+ Huddle feature allows you to perform group chat which is an additional feature in instant messaging. Group chat feature makes one think of good old Yahoo Chat or MIRC when a number of users use to share their views in a single window.
Google+ is overall a decent package containing almost all major features required for Social Networking from mobile devices. Currently Google+ is compatible with iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G however iPad version is expected soon.
You can download Google+ directly from Appstore or from here
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