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Google Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich & SDK Officially Annouced along with Nexus Prime with release in Weeks time

Couple of weeks back it was all Apple buzz around as iOS 5 alongwith iPhone 4S was announced and released however the much awaited Google varient of OS as well as Phone has been released just now with the announcement of Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich whcih is the next upgrade to the Android operating System by Google alongwith the Google Nexus Prime. IceCream Sandwich is the OS specifically designed for high power displays with resolutions reaching upto 1280×720 as well as multi core processors. The main design considerations for the new Android OS are Android is enchanting, Android is easy, and Android is powerful. Some of the salients of the upcoming release as ann0ouced by Matias Duarte during Google event are,

  1. Basics
    The new interface is all together fascinating as always however this time the smiley face integration becomes a prominent factor with completely revamped lockscreen interface. Inclusion of new gestures all over the OS are pretty much obvious which improves the overall usability of the Android OS moreover the notification management has lots of changes with inclusion of menus like recently used applications allowing you the switch between the applications which are even not running in the background. Notification center is now accessible throughout the lockscreen interface as well which might act like entering your domain without even entering the device and also the much awaited feature of taking screen shot of your screen has been added probably by iOS influence which can be used by pressing the Power and Volume down button simultaneously.
  2. Google Applications Integration
    Addition of action bar with most of the Native Google applications especially Gmail provides and easy access to the various actions for which we had to hit back button multiple times e.g. archiving and multiple email deletion. Secondly Camera functionality has been so tightly integrated that the performance of image capture has increased many folds as now capturing image is lightning fast simply as blink of an eye. Also Photo gallery has been improved with multiple categories featuring location based categories.
  3. Core Functionalities
    Some of the nice inclusion of new features in IceCream Sandwich are the facial recognition for lockscreen unlock also the management of data from Android Settings have been included in the release and also the voice commands have been streamlined a bit but still no comparison with Siri. Also the multitask manager has been uplifted which allows even advance version of card switching.

So keeping all these new features in view and overall performance improvement the upgrade to IceCream Sandwich is a sure GO and its expected to be released in a weeks time. SDK for Android 4.0 alongwith all the official features of Android IceCream Sandwich can be viewed at Android Developer Portal.

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