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Google Analytics getting Real Time Statistics, Social Media, Campaign and Reports

Google Analytics brings you the Google Search metrics at one single place allowing you to view your daily page access, search queries, performance KPIs thereby giving a fair idea about your website social media impact and campaign measurement. As the changes are being made faster the webmaster need to work on real time traffic rather than reports for last 24 hours. Although there are number of free website statistical tools available but Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive one as it not only gives the measurements of whats happening rather it can give search ranking for you webpage on Google Search Engines, Traffic Sources and Intelligence estimations.

The new social media impact gives website administrator the detailed traffic coming through popular social media networks including Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc and that too in real time. As soon as you tweet you can observe the traffic coming from twitter. You can also add a campaign by setting a specific target that you expect to reach by sending tweet and getting visitors from twitter.

The new Google Analytics allows you to take proper measurements predictions before planing a campaign thereby increasing the chance of achieving your target visitors.

You can access the new version of Google Analytics by clicking the new version link on the top right corner and you will find the real time reports in the dashboard tab. As the real time reports have just started rolling out with limited number of users having access to them however within few weeks time it will be made public for all. If you want to be the first to witness it you can fill up the signup form for early access.

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