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Gmail for iPhone & iPod Touch Native Application in the making by Google Inc AppStore

Gmail is one of the mostly used free IMAP email client available for free giving 10 GB of storage space. Recently we have learned that Google is developing Gmail native application for iPhone and iPod Touch as reported by MG Siegler, a Tech Blogger at TechCrunch. He has reported on his Blog that he has learned from multiple sources saying that Google is planning to launch native application available on AppStore for Free,

he explains

Perhaps the biggest issue with using Gmail through the iPhone’s native mail client is that Gmail is not Push-enabled. Yes, you can hack it to work through Exchange, but then you lose other functionality, such as the ability to star messages via flags. The native Gmail app will likely bring other key functionality as well: like Priority Inbox and one-click starring of messages. Other possibilities include some of the stuff Google is about to roll out for Gmail proper: like contact icons, better threading, and deep searching functionality. Maybe there will even be some Google+ integration, which Google is also hard at work on for Gmail.

As of now only Gmail is available as web application which was updated couple of months ago with major features addition and you can add Gmail configurations into the native iPhone & iPod Touch email client. However with the addition of Gmail native application features like Flags, Labels, Search etc. Also Android has separate Gmail application for years since its launch and additional features are available by default. Therefore its right time that Google launched an application for Apple Devices as well which will make Gmail usage more compelling.

Lets hope we see the Gmail native application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch soon.

Source Parislemon 

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