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Glow iPhone 4 Apple Logo Like MacBook

If you are a MacBook user then i am sure one of the best think you like about it is when you see Apple logo glowing each time you turn on your MacBook. Imagine if you get the same cool feature and Apple Logo on your iPhone4 glows everytime your screen lights up. Yes soon this is going to become possible. Thanks to Andy and Chris at the U.K.-based iPhone & iPod repair specialists who says you can have your iPhone 4 modded to boast a glowing Apple logo every time your screen lights up.

It is expected that iPatch will start offering this service within one month time and best part of is it will cost even less than £100 (approx. $159). However, this modification procedure will take less than an hour and going to use original iPhone’s rear casing without adding any increase to its depth whatsoever.

Although you might have come across third-party colored modification accessories which are available for the iPhone 4 but they are neither cool nor cheap as this glowing Apple logo mod.

iPatch is going to offer Special service to those  who are living in US  which is through that will let you to send your iPhone over to the U.K and after modification it will be returned back to you. However, we are not sure if it will cost little more than ectual cost. Keep following us latest updates about launching date and pricing


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