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GLMPS changes the Photo sharing using few seconds Prerecording

GLMPS (pronounced as Glimpse) is one of the photo sharing social website same as the popular Instagram. GLMPS have changed the photo sharing paradigm by simple idea of saving moments ago before taking the snaps as well onto the actual snap given more context to the picture.

The GLMPS Application utilizes iOS feature to record the videos as well as save the image. Capturing few moments makes the static world of pictures filled up with life. Either its the bride n groom being shot and everybody is screaming at the back or its a child and you saying cheese everything is saved as moments along with your actual snap.

The GLMPS application offers moments upload and you can also browse the moments shared by other GLMPS users. The actual image (last from of 4-5 seconds video) is stored in Photo Library whereas moments are stored in the GLMPS application itself.

GLMPS Appstore Description,

GLMPS is a magical way to share life. 

A video clip is automatically captured with every picture you take – the result is a creatively packaged glimpse of the moment that can be shared with friends & family in real-time. 

Lovingly designed and built by people who believe it should be simple to share moments that matter.

GLMPS Free Application supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch having iOS 4.2 or above. Download the application from here.

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