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Glass exterior for iPhone 8 models , and premium models to feature stainless steel exterior- Rumor

iphone-8In the latest reports pertaining to Apple’s eagerly awaited ‘iPhone 8’ , expected to be released on Apple’s 10th Anniversary next year 2017, reports by officials at KGI securities declare that the new phone will boast a glass display both on the front and back of the phone , which was previously characteristic of the iPhone 4 range.

This decision to go for the glass exterior will allow for an exterior appearance resembling that of the Jet Black iPhone 7, however it is expected to usea stronger type of glass thereby making it more durable as iPhone 7 users will already know that they are requested to encase their phones in a case to prevent microabrasions.

According to reports by KGI Securities , approximately half the pre-orders received for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were for the Jet Black version , suggesting that the black was a hot favorite , in comparison to both the grey and silver options. Claims made by Kuo , suggest that the glass exterior will allow for a more fresh and neater look without the risk of breakage , which was the main complaint in the iPhone 4 and 4s. Premium models are expected to have a stainless steel exterior or aluminium.

The durability of the glass will largely be due to the 2.5D Glass , in comparison to the 3D glass that was used in previous models. This particular glass is less prone to breakage .

The iPhone is expected for release in September 2017. We can expect a transformed exterior , in addition to the iPhone name likely to be named iPhone 8 and not iPhone 7s, that would be the norm after iPhone 7.

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