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Get gMaps v1.10 on Your Window Phone 7

Google Maps application is being actively used in almost all Mobile OS. In Window Phone 7, application which is quite popular and have been around for a while for Google Maps is called “gMaps”. It is available in both gMaps (free) and gMaps Pro ($1.99) forms.

The developers have just released its new version(gMaps 1.10) which has brought many improvements in its old version. The latest version comes with a theme support which allow users to use your accent color. It also includes zoom buttons, geo-location info for any object and a few other tidying up features.

We like it for the alternate view to Bing maps, the traffic info (including “follow me” for tracking) and the layers for viewing (street, hybrid, physical, water-overlay, satellite). It also enables you to take the “screen shot” of the map and send it to others is pretty smart way. If you’re in the city then the public transport layer is also quite handy for finding that subway.

After knowing all these smart enhancements in gMaps v1.1o, We would definitely recomend you to give it a try. You can get Free version from here in the Marketplace and the Paid version at $1.99 ad-free from here.


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