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Get BackLight Notifications for Samsung Galaxy SII

Thanks to XDA-Developers community member sicopat for releasing BackLight Notification App for Samsung Galaxy SII. BackLight Notification app give you the beautiful view by lightening up the “Back” and “Menu”  button as soon as you receive a new Text Message, Email or even a missed call. The best part of this application is, you don’t have to unlock the screen of in order to check this new notifications. You will be able to understand the type of notification through lightening of the buttons.

The mod is compatible with all firmware/ROM which are based on Android 2.3.3 or 2.3.4. However, it is not compatible with CM7 (kernel incompatibility).

There are two types of version available for Samsung Galaxy SII owners.

There is free version which enables BackLight Notifications to work with applications like  GMail, GO SMS Pro etc. Moreover, Free version will not work in case of Miss Call. In addition to that, you wont’ be able to access its advance features like preventing BackLight Notification during night, blinking.

The paid version has all the features which are parents in Free version. In addition to that, paid version will also enable you to get Miss Call notifications. Moreover, it allow access to advanced features like preventing BLN during night, blinking. BackLight Notifications will not work with Stock SMS application. So if you want to use it with SMS then you might have to install applications like Go SMS Pro from Android market.

Installation Procedure

1-   Copy Back_Light_Notification_GS2.zip to your internal /sdcard.

2-   Reboot your Samsung Galaxy SII to CWM recovery mode.

3-   Go to Install zip from sdcard, choose zip to install, navigate to the .zip and select it.

4-   You need to reboot when its done.

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