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Get Android 3.2 Update On Verizon Motorola XOOM 3G

Google has officially begun rolling out Android 3.2 OTA update for Motorola XOOM 3G tablet. This update has brought new features to the Tablet.

The salient features of new update are as follows:-

1-Screen Scaling Compatibility Mode:
This feature provides an option to change over to double pixel mode for selected applications. As soon as you select, application sub-windows and drop down menus will also get doubled. Moreover, you can save pixel doubling settings for each application.

2-  SD Card Support:
This feature will enables you to use your file manager to see all the important files, music, videos, pictures etc which are stored on your SD card. It will also allows you to write content to your SD card via connection to a PC or Mac.

3-  Adaptive Streaming Support for Movies:
This feature will bring you an option to adjusts the streaming bit rate depending upon your client bandwidth. This adaptation will ultimately give you an improved user experience.

4-  Movie Rental Improvements:
It brings stability improvements to the overall experience. When you watch it with HDMI connection, your screen will accurately resize.

5-  New EAS policy: This feature will allow you recover lost Password.

6-  New update will also bring Improvement to Exchange ActiveSync function.

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