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Get Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update on HTC Desire[How to Tutorial]


Recently we have covered the update of  HTC Desire from Froyo(Android 2.2) to Gingerbread(Android 2.3). Now Gingerbread update(Android 2.3.3) is also available for HTC Desire users. This update is not over the Air(OTA) so you have install it manually using HTC Sync.  HTC has released its version only for developers. However, you would never release as there is nothing like major bugs in it.

Changes in New Version

1-   New Fastboot mode has been introduced for quicker booting

2-  You get 20 MB less memory to install apps.


As it is clear from this title that this update is only for HTC desire so please dont apply this procedure on others. This update will completely wipe your phone like contact,message,log and settings. Therefore, it is recommend that you must create a backup and save it on pc. Moreover, It could void your HTC desire warranty and remove all network supplied apps users (like ahem, Orange Maps). Lastly you are strong suggested to use a laptop rather than PC in order to avoid any power intruption.


Whats Needed

1- HTC Sync

As we have already mentioned that this update is going to be done manually via laptop/pc with the help of HTC’s updating tool. Therefore, You must have HTC Sync software installed on your laptop/pc in order to work HTC’s updating tool. If have not installed it then you can download HTC Sync from here.

2- Update Files

You also need to download Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update file for HTC Desire from htc developers site . This update file includes main update file and two htc sense applications. HTC has separated sense from main file because with sense you will not be able to update your phone.

Installation Procedure

1-   Unzip the downloaded HTC Desire updated file and save it on your Laptop/PC desktop.

2-  Inside update file you will find another zip called “HTC Desire Android 2.3 Upgrade.zip” . Inside this, you will find HTC updating tool, Extract it and you will find a file named “RUU_HTC Desire Android 2.3 Upgrade (Gingerbread).exe” with other needed files.

3-  Run  “RUU_HTC Desire Android 2.3 Upgrade (Gingerbread).exe” as showed in picture.

4-  Read carefully all three warnings.

5-  Complete all above three tasks.

6-  Tick on “I have completed the steps indicated above”.

7-  Click on the “next” button and it will start updating process.


Please make sure that during this activity you don’t disconnect your phone and keep updater open otherwise it will brick your phone.

8-  Once it is completed you will see, Congratulations your ROM update has been completed. Your phone is now ready to use.

Sense Apps Installation

You can find these applications in update folder pack and they are in .APK format, There are two ways install these files.

1-   Connect your Desire with PC and choose “Disk Drive” mode. Copy .APK files onto the device. Now, you’ll require a file manager to open .APK files. If you don’t have any then you can download ES File Explorer from Android market. Once you install it, Launch ES File Explorer on your phone, then open the APK files to install.

2-   You can also use HTC Sync. Lunch HTC Sync and select the Application Installer option from the home screen then select the APK files to start the installation.

You you can enjoy Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread on your HTC Desire phone

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