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Get $2 Free Appstore credit in exchange for a single tweet on Amazon AppStore for Android

Android Market place has tons n tons of Application, Games and Utilities but nobody can deny the third party Application Stores do not help contributing in the development of new software. Rather third party Application Stores need to innovate new stuff in order to attract customers however Amazon is not a new name rather its handling the retail and eCommerce business for approximately one and a half decade but Amazon AppStore is rather a new invention. Amazon know that they desperately need to spread the word that they exist in Mobile eCommerce hence they have thought of spreading the work about their AppStore by paying the users $2 in exchange for a single tweet. Resultantly you can buy an App or two for Free using this credit.

All you need to do is link you twitter account with Amazon.com and you will start following @amazonappstore automatically trough your twitter account. Amazon will post one message on your twitter account “I just got a $2 credit for Android apps from the @amazonappstore. Click http://amzn.to/tweetapps2 to get yours. #get2″. And inteturn you will get $2 in your Amazon AppStore from which you can by 2 version of licensed Angry Birds for Android or any other Application or Game worth this amount.

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