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Galaxy Nexus Scores Higher Than iPhone 4S Benchmark Results

Google Nexus Galaxy is the first device to feature Android 4.0 IceCream sandwich which has been recently released in UK however it has to be still announced for the States. Apart from different manufacturers and running difference OS compassion had already begun and folks at AnandTech had conducted detailed benchmarks which focus key areas including processing, web browsing, screen rendering etc.

Although we had seen tremendous support for iPhone 4S and iOS 5 right from release however in benchmarks Apple had been easily put to back by its Android competitor. In most of the tests conducted it is basically Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich which beats iOS 5 which are not dependent on Galaxy Nexus or iPhone 4S hardware including processor, GPU, RAM etc.

The browser benchmark clear shows that Galaxy Nexus beats iPhone 4S although with very little margin which is not noticeable in daily routine tasks however the results are basically higher due to Android 4.0 ICS OS as you can see Galaxy S 2 way lower with half the marks as Galaxy Nexus with almost the same hardware but running Gingerbread.

We see Galaxy Nexus dominating on most of the tests but still one of the important front that is Game play which is still dominated by iPhone 4S due to A5 chip. As browsing and emails are also important aspects apart from Gaming therefore these results might make US Galaxy Nexus fans more eager for launch.

Source AnandTech 

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